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Free Things to do in Birmingham

Via Birmingham University
Via Birmingham University

Five Free Things to do in Birmingham


Birmingham in the 2nd largest city in the UK and actually not very expensive to live in or visit. There are a lot of famous landmarks in Birmingham you just have to see, especially if it’s your first time and rejoice you won’t have to break the bank to have a good time.

Here are my top 5 free things to do in Birmingham:



5. The Bull Ring and the Rag Market


Visiting the Bull Ring is one of the free things to do in Birmingham


Let’s get the obvious out the way first. Birmingham’s urban landscape is easily recognisable thanks to its shopping center called the Bull Ring. Still haven’t figured out though why something called the BULL ring (with a massive bronze statue of a bull outside) should have been designed to look like it’s covered in fish scales but what do I know?

Inside is everything you expect of a modern shopping centre. The little bonus lies just outside the Bull Ring, it’s called the Rag market, an indoor market place with stalls selling everything and where you can get real bargains.



4. BBC Birmingham’s Public Space


The UK not being famous for its hot weather, my 5 free things to do in Birmingham has got another indoor activity. This time you get the chance to go behind the scenes of the BBC, the main TV channel in the UK.

The BBC public space offers a chance to check on people as they record their shows, try your skills at presenting the news or the weather and much more. All this for FREE and children are totally welcome with some activities tailored for little ones.



3. The Library of Birmingham


Visiting Birmingham library is one of the free things to do in Birmingham


Whether you like books or not shouldn’t stop you from checking out the Library of Birmingham. Why? It’s HUGE! It boasts 10 floors or levels and around 35,000 square metres making it one of the largest libraries in the world.

It’s got books of course but not only, there are some exhibitions area as well as dance studios and other cultural activities. From the roof top you have an incredible view over the whole city. Totally worth the climb up the many stair cases and lifts.

I would suggest going there a few times if you can as it’s impossible to take it all in over a single visit.



2. Moseley Bog and Joy’s Wood nature Reserve


The first outdoor activity in my Five free things to do in Birmingham and a brilliant way to spend a few hours when the sun is shining. Take the children and feel like an adventurer, following a wooden path in this dark and dense forest.

Listen to birds, check out a variety of wildlife and you can even build your own wooden hut. There is an open space in the forest where all the old trees and branches are left for this purpose. Trees are meant to be climbed too.

Children will love it!



1. Cannon Hill Park


Canon Hill is one of the free things to do in Birmingham


This is family paradise. A Huge park just a few minutes away from city centre with everything to keep you busy the whole day: animals, flowers and plants, play areas, picnic areas, exhibition centre, restaurants, nature centre, a lake with rowing boats… and over the weekends there are always animations such as fares, club gatherings, and concerts.

It is very well maintained and clean all year round, children can easily roam freely and ride their bikes.

Animals are welcome too, one of the best place to spend the day and believe me you won’t get bored. They even have a ranger service which can organise events and activities for adults and children.




This article on the free things to do in Birmingham is brought to you by Jameela from Diary of a Serial Expat. Jameela is a thirty something ESL teacher and a serial expat. She has started her Blog: Diary of a Serial Expat to record her experience of moving, settling in and working abroad, most recently in Libya but also in the UK and soon in Saudi Arabia. Like her blog on facebook too!




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