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Free Things to do in Bristol

Clifton Suspension Bridge in Bristol

Five Free Things to do in Bristol:


Bristol, the largest city in the South West of England, is famous for its harbourside, cultural heritage and its industrial past. Oh, and don’t forget the distinctive accent from which Bristolians have an innate sense of pride.

Bristol has been home to numerous famous people; from Banksy to Blackbeard the pirate, and even some famous animated people (and dogs) as well – Wallace and Gromit were created here in Aardman Studios, Bristol.

This city has even been touted as being the number one city to live in in the the UK.

And with all that in mind, we bring you the top five free things to do in Bristol:



5.  The M-Shed


The M shed Museum in Bristol
The M shed Museum in Bristol” Photo taken by Heather. Licensed under CC by 2.0

Just a 10 minute walk from the city centre (or 20 minutes if you are coming from the Bristol Temple Meads Railway station) towards the harbourside and you will find one of Bristol’s best museums. If you are interested in how Bristol has changed over time or are more interested in how it is now, there are a full range of exhibits for any taste. There are galleries on the discoveries that have been made around the city (even an exhibit on Bristol’s very own dinosaur, the Thecodontosaurus!).

For a list of opening times check the M-Shed website here.


4. St Werburgh’s city farm



A farm? In a city? In Bristol this idea may not be so strange when you find out that it is one of the most sustainable cities in England and has been awarded the European Green Capital 2015. Perhaps more of a bus ride than a walk, find out how to get to St Werburgh’s city farm from their website here.  St Werburgh’s City farm describes itself as being:

 “a green oasis in the heart of Bristol that connects people to food, the environment and the local community”

It certainly is a welcoming atmosphere even if the surrounding area does seem a little quirky with its unusual architecture and graffiti. Which brings us on to number three on our list of the top five free things to do in Bristol…


3. Go on a Graffiti tour

Graffiti of Flying Bread


Graffitti is a controversial art form. On one hand  no one wants to clean it from their house or property, but on the other it can be nice to see these creative artworks. Bristol is renowned for these urban masterpieces (or eyesores depending on your point of view…) and is the home of Banksy.

Check out the map of Bristol’s street art here and the See No Evil Exhibition on Nelson street is worth a visit too.


2. Bristol Museum and Art Gallery


Number two on our list of the top Five Free Things to do in Bristol is also the second museum on the list – Bristol Museum and Art Gallery.

A different style of museum to the M Shed above, Bristol Museum and Art Gallery has exhibits on wildlife, history, even geology, and on the top floor there is an art gallery.

With three floors (Ground – history, First – wildlife and geology, and Second – the art gallery) the Bristol musem and art gallery is well worth a visit seeing as, best of all, it is completely free!


1. Clifton Suspension Bridge


A picture shot along the clifton suspension bridge l

Arguably Bristol’s most famous landmark, the Clifton Suspension Bridge takes the number one spot on our list of free things to do in Bristol. Designed by the famous Isambard Kingdom Brunel, work started in 1836 but unfortunately was not finished until 1864. Brunel died five years earlier in 1859 so he sadly never got to see his creation nor the breathtaking views of the surrounding countryside from it.

However, you can!

And for free as well!

A small word of warning beforehand, it is free for pedestrians and cyclists but the toll booth will charge motor vehicles £1 to cross  the bridge.

View from Bristol Suspension Bridge

That concludes our list of the top five free things to do in Bristol, if you have anything to add feel free to leave a comment!



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