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Free Things to do in Buenos Aires

Five free things to do in Buenos Aires
Photo via Wikimedia Commons

Five Free Things to do in Buenos Aires:


The Capital city of Argentina, Buenos Aires, is the biggest and most populated in Argentina. It is also the second biggest metropolitan area of South America – jsut behind Sao Paulo in Brazil.

It has a a significantly European style of architecture, after being colonised by the Spanish in 1580. (It was originally colonised in 1536 but the indigenous peoples drove the settlers away). Naturally then, the national language is Spanish.

Buenos Aires also has the, uhh, prestigious title of being one of the only cities in history to be bombed by its own navy…

With all that in mind we present to you our list of the top five free things to do in Buenos Aires:



5. Buenos Aires Botanical Garden (Carlos Thays)


Visiting the botanical gardens is one of the free things to do in Buenos Aires
Jardín Botánico Buenos Aires Invernadero” taken by Roberto Fiadone is licensed under CC by 3.0


Up first on our list of free things to do in Buenos Aires is the botanical garden. These gardens were actually declared a national monument in 1996. It is around 17 acres in size and it is home to over 5000 different species of plants so there is plenty to see here.

One interesting thing to mention about these gardens is the growing population of cats that now live in the gardens.

For whatever reason domestic cats were abandoned here and it now has a population of around 300 of them! Fortunately volunteers feed and vaccinate the felines making it a cat paradise away from the busy city streets. It is fairly similar to the Torre Argentina cat sanctuary in Rome.



4. Recoleta Cemetery


Number 4 on our list of free things to do in Buenos Aires may not sound like a nice place to go at all, yet people do visit and it is ranked highly out of Buenos Aires’ attractions.

For many famous residents of Buenos Aires, and Argentina as a whole, Recoleta Cemetery is their final resting place.  It has the graves of Argentinian presidents, actors, businessmen, soldiers, academics and many others who have played a role in this country’s history.

It is full of ornate statues and mausoleums. The most famous of which is the tomb of Evita which is made from black marble.


3. Metropolitan Cathedral


Visiting the metropolitan cathedral is one of the free things to do in buenos aires
Buenos Aires Metropolitan Cathedral” taken by David Berkowitz is licensed under CC by 2.0

Next on our on list of free things to do in Buenos Aires is the metropolitan cathedral. Conveniently located in the city centre, this cathedral has been renovated 6 times since its initial construction in 1593. Each of these renovations has brought its own architectural style into the mix – ultimately creating this beautifully unusual monument to the catholic faith.

There are tours for the mausoleum and crypt, temple and crypt,and there are art exhibitions and designated children visits. To check the times and dates for these check here.



2. Free Tango lessons


Tango lessons are one of the free things to do in buenos Aires


Have you ever wanted to learn to how to perform this intimate dance? Well now you can, in its home country no less! Most importantly, for free!

It may look hard to master this dance, and that’s because it probably is.

However, as Confucius once said “the journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step” – what better way to take that single step and get a taste for tango than with a free lesson?

To find out where there are free Tango Lessons when you are going check out Club Tango for listings. They are all written  in Spanish so you will have to search for “Gratis” or “precio de entradas: Gratis” to find the free ones.


1. Free Walking Tour


Taking the number one spot of the free things to do in Buenos Aires is the free walking tour.
At Five Free Things we love walking tours. Depending on the tour guide, they can be extremely fun and informative, sometimes you can even learn things from a local that wouldn’t appear in any guidebook.

Free walking tours Buenos Aires will guide you through downtown visiting all the major sights and tourist attractions on a 2 and half hour route.

They leave at 11pm and 5pm so join whichever group is more suitable for you! Meet the guide at Rivadavia Ave and Rodriguez Peña st. from Monday to Saturday.




That concludes our list of the top five free things to do in Buenos Aires, if you have anything to add feel free to leave a comment!



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