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Free Things to do in Copenhagen

Photo of a Boat on Copenhagen Canal

Five Free Things to Do in Copenhagen:


The most populated city and also the capital of Denmark, Copenhagen could be the highlight of a trip around Scandinavia.

Copenhagen was originally a small Viking fishing village and only became the capital of Denmark in 1416 when Eric of Pomerania moved the throne in 1416 to Copenhagen Castle.

The famous fairy tale author Hans Christian Andersen moved to Copenhagen in search of fame and fortune at age 14 (to become a ballet dancer, believe it or not!) and he is now buried here.

With all that in mind, we bring you our list of the top five free things to do in Copenhagen:



5. Bakken


The entrance to Bakken amusement park in Denmark
Bakken entry‘ taken by Erkan is licensed under CC by 3.0


First on our list of the top five free things to do in Copenhagen is the oldest operating amusement park in the world – opened all the way back in 1583.

Much like Luna Park (which we covered in our post about Sydney) it does cost money to go on the rides and attractions but that doesnt stop you from having a fun free time as there is no entrance fee.

In order to get to Bakken by train you catch the C-line from the main train station in Copenhagen and get off at the end station, Klampenborg. Find out the opening times here.



4. The National Museum


Next on our list of the top five free things to do in Copenhagen, and just a short distance from Copenhagen’s city centre, is Denmark’s largest museum of cultural history – The National Museum of Denmark.

There are exhibits on Danish prehistory, an ethnographic exhibition, and many more over four floors (ground floor to third floor). Check out the opening times here.


3.  Botanical Gardens


Water Lilies In Copenhagen Botanical Gardens which is another one of the free things to do in Copenhagen
Water Lilies Copenhagen Botanical Gardens‘ taken by Fabrizio Morroia is┬álicensed under CC by 2.0


At the University of Copenhagen, the Botanical gardens are part of the Natural History Museum of Denmark. It is also the the third part of our list of the top five free things to do in Copenhagen!

The purpose of the Botanical Gardens is to “add to our knowledge and understanding of the diversity of the vegetable and fungi kingdom, and through that advance the knowledge of plants and fungi and their conservation.

If you are not so academically inclined, it is nice just to enjoy the nature in the centre of Copenhagen as well.

Check the opening times here and the rules and regulations here.


2. Go on a walking tour of the City


At Five Free Things we love walking tours. Depending on the tour guide, they can be extremely fun and informative, sometimes you can even learn things from a local that wouldn’t appear in any guidebook. At Copenhagen Free Walking Tours you are given a guided tour through the Town Hall Square, the colourful Harbour front and Amalienborg Palace amongst other of Copenhagen’s landmarks.


Tours start at 11am and 2pm every day of the year.


1. The Little Mermaid


The little mermaid statue is just one of the free things to do in Copenahgen


Fortunately Hans Christian Andersen did not become a ballet dancer or the world would never have had the fairy tales that he wrote. Copenhagen is obviously proud of these fairy tales as Hans Christian Andersen’s influence is apparent here in this city.

One of the most obvious examples of this is the little mermaid statue which is the final member on our list of the top five free things to do in Copenhagen.

At just over 4ft this isn’t the most imposing statue but since its unveiling in 1913 it has been a major tourist attraction and an icon for Copenhagen and Denmark. It also falls into a category of iconic statues that act as a mascot of place, others include the Manneken Pis in Brussels, The Statue of Liberty in New York, and Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro.

You can find it on the waterside at the Langelinie Promenade.



That concludes our list of the top five free things to do in Copenhagen, if you have anything to add feel free to leave a comment!




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