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Free things to do in Nairobi

five free things to do in Nairobi

Five Free things to do in Nairobi


Nairobi is both the Capital and largest city in Kenya and its name comes from the local Maasai phrase Enkare Nyrobi which means ‘cool water’ in English.

If it wasn’t for the railway between Mombasa and Kampala, Nairobi would most likely be uninhabited swamp. Lucky for any potential visitors it is now an established city!It was chosen dues to its ideal proximity to a network of rivers and that it was almost equidistant from the two already established settlements.

To find out more about the history of Nairobi check out the Nairobi City county website.

With all that in mind we present our list of the top five free things to do in Nairobi:



5. Nairobi forest Arboretum


First on our list of free things to do in Nairobi is to explore Nairobi’s Forest Arboretum. This collection of trees and plants takes up an area of around 30 hectares in the centre of Nairobi.

Started in 1907 as a trial arboretum in 1907, the Nairobi Forest Aboretum has blossomed into a vast compilation of different trees, exotic and native. It was designed as a place where you could rest from the hustle and bustle of city life and still fulfills that purpose today.

If you need a break from exploring downtown Nairobi then you can take a stop at the Forest Arboretum for free!



4. Urban sight seeing


taking an urban tour is one of the free things to do in Nairobi
Giraffe Skyline Nairobi Park” taken by Mkimenia is licensed under CC by SA3.0


There are lots of things to see in Nairobi city so why not take a urban sightseeing tour?

Just wandering around the city you can witness the statues, street art and building architecture for yourself. Maybe you will even be lucky enough to see a giraffe like in the image above.

Best of all, taking a urban sight seeing tour is free!



3. The Village Market


Visting The village market is one of the free things to do in Nairobi


Located just 6 miles from Nairobi’s city centre in the Gigri residential area you can find number three on our list of free things to in Nairobi – The Village Market.

This whole area (comprising of over 150 shops!) is designed to imitate a traditional African market, but with a modern twist. The complex features waterfalls, rivers, and plants. If you need a bank there are five different branches and an ATM to be found here.

On weekends and holidays musician and performance artists are invited to play in The Village Market for your enjoyment.



2. Nairobi Butterfly Centre


One of the free things to do in Nairobi is to see a Male Golden Birdwing butterfly at Nairobi Butterfly Garden
‘Male Golden Birdwing butterfly’ taken by Steve is licensed under CC by 2.0


Nairobi Butterfly Centre is home to the largest and smallest butterflies in Kenya.

The largest can have a wingspan of an incredible 15 to 17cm!

The centre has a wealth of information regarding the environment and about the appearance, behaviour and where to find each of the butterflies.

Nairobi’s primary intent of the centre is to provide information about the welfare and conservation of the world’s butterfly species.



1. Road to Lake Nakuru National Park


takign a trip up to Nakuru Lake is one of the free things to do in Nairobi


Number one on our list of free things to do in Nairobi is technically cheating as it is a two hour drive away from Nairobi city centre. However, Lake Nakuru National Park is one of the best game parks in Africa and the drive to it is one of the most picturesque.

The lake itself is home to a flock of pink flamingos and you can find buffalo, rhino, gazelles, hippos and leopards among with many others in the surrounding area.

If you want to visit the park at the optimum time then visit in the late evening just before the sun begins to set as this is when the animals are most active.




That concludes our list of the top five free things to do in Osaka, if you have anything to add feel free to leave a comment!







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