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Free things to do in Prague

Five free things to do in prague
Views of Prague from Church of our Lady in front of Tyn Tower” taken by Ben Skala is licensed under CC by 2.5

Five free things to do in Prague


Prague is an up and coming major tourist destination for everyone from travelers planning historical and cultural visits to best men planning a ‘stag do’.

The city is the capital of the Czech Republic and also the largest with a population of around 1.2 million people. This makes it the 14th largest in the European union. If you want to see the free things to do in some other of the top cities you can see Barcelona (11th), Rome (4th) and London (1st).

With all that in mind we present to you our list of the top five free things to do in Prague:



5. Wallenstein Gardens


Walking around the Wallenstein gardens is another one of the free things to do in Prague


First up on our list of free things to do in Prague is taking a walk around the Wallenstein gardens.

Wandering around this picturesque gardens you may never have believed they were created and funded by a cold and autocratic military commander; Count Wallenstein.

A neatly arranged (as you might expect from someone in the military) garden full of flowerbeds, fountains, and topiary decorations, Wallenstein Gardens are not to be missed! A perfect break if you have been busy exploring the city.



4. Visit the Dancing House


visiting the dancing house is one of the free things to do in Prague


The Dancing House (also known as ‘Fred and Ginger’) is not actually an optical illusion! It was truly designed to look like it bends and twists.

Designed in 1992 and finally finished in 1996, the Dancing House was the source of a lot of controversy. Many people thought it did not fit with the other architectural types of Prague.

Eventually people must have come round to the structure as it is has been featured on the 2000 Czech Koruna coin.

The Dancing was designed by Frank Gehry, a world famous archititect behind buildings such as the Art gallery of Ontario, Toronto, the Walt Disney Concert hall in Los Angeles and the Jay Pritzker Pavillion in Chicago.



3. Vysehrad Castle


Exploring Vysehrad Castle is one of the free things to do in prague


Vysehrad Castle or simply Vysehrad is a historic fort built in the 10th century. Within the castle you can also find Prague’s oldest remaining building – The Rotunda of St. Martin.

The castle was originally built as the palatial resident and seat to rule the surrounding area, howver now it mostly used as a recreation complex. Many Czechs visit for New Year’s celebrations.

The Vysehrad Castle and park is open daily but shuts earlier in the Winter. To find opening times check the Prague experience guide here.



2. Free walking Tour


At Five Free Things we love walking tours. Depending on the tour guide, they can be extremely fun and informative, sometimes you can even learn things from a local that wouldn’t appear in any guidebook. New Prague Tours offer a comprehensive 3 hour tour all for free!


Although the tour is free, at the end they may ask for you to donate depending on how much you feel the tour was worth. This is so that they can keep their tours running in the future.



1. Kampa Island


taking a trip to kampa island is one of the free things to do in Prague


The final activity on our list of free things to do in Prague, Kampa Island, is regarded as being the most beautiful places in the whole city.

You can spend several hours wandering around this section of Prague. One of the highlights is to take a cruise along the river in the area known as ‘The Venice of Prague’ because of the row of houses facing directly into the river.

Another must-do in this area is to visit the park, Kampa Park.

You can get to Kampa island by crossing over the Charles Bridge on the Vltava river.




That concludes our list of the top five free things to do in Prague, if you have anything to add feel free to leave a comment!

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