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Free things to do in Saranda

five free things to do in Saranda

Five free things to do in Saranda


Saranda is a seaside town in southern Albania. Not high on most people’s to-do travel list but that will change in the not to distant future as this place becomes higher on the travel radar.

There are many free things to do in Saranda including natural wonders, beaches, and other seaside activities. If you have access to a vehicle the opportunities for free things to do in Saranda will only increase.

Make sure you have your swimming gear, hiking boots, and camera as we take a look at the top five free things to do in Saranda.



5. Walk along the boardwalk


The boardwalk is just one of the free

First amongst the list of free things to do in Saranda is a simple walk along the boardwalk. If you are luck you will be able to catch a sunrise coming up over the mountain.

The boardwalk stretches for a couple of kilometers and you will find locals and tourists strolling along and enjoying the beautiful sunshine.

Stop and have a break at one of the many benches around the fountains and soak up the southern Albania lifestyle.



4. Explore the “Blue Eye”


Blue eye is one of the free things to do in Saranda

It’s amazing that this can be placed in the category of free things to do in Saranda. The entrance to see this naturally occurring wonder is at no charge, which is surprising and will surely change sooner then later.

Bring your camera for this one, as it’s absolutely amazing. It is said that divers have been down 50 meters deep and still don’t know where it ends.

The entire area around the blue hole is magnificent and worth exploring, have a read about my trip to the blue eye here.



3. Hit the beach


Coming to Saranda and not taking advantage of the crystal clear water would just be absurd. Our 3rd town themselves are man made and are clean with clear water.

Our 3rd free thing to do in Saranda is hitting the beach. The beaches in the town themselves are man made and are clean with clear water.

If you have access to transportation the beaches a few minutes out of town offer outstanding serenity and peacefulness, as they will most likely be deserted. With out transportation don’t be afraid to stick out your thumb and ask for a ride from the friendly locals.



2. Explore the Synagogue Complex


In the center of town lies a historical site dating back to the 5th demonstrates that there was a wealthy Jewish community here during those times.

There was a community center and school in addition to religious activities. No one is certain whether it was an earthquake or invasion that destroyed this community.

The ruins lay unattended near the bus stop and locals pass by with out a glance. These are definitely worth a look and as far as free things to do in Saranda are concerned this is near the top of list!



1. Try your luck with some fishing


Fishing is one of the free things to do in Saranda

When in a new place it’s always good to do as the locals do. Saranda is no exception to the rule and in this case the locals love to fish. You will see lone fisherman everywhere that will be happy to include you in the daily catch.

Free things to do in Saranda can take on many different forms, but nothing beats integrating with the locals. My time spent with the fishermen of Saranda was probably the best experience there was and would highly recommend it. For those that are a bit squeamish around fresh fish, don’t worry, they wont make you touch them.



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