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Free Things to do in Singapore

Free things to do in Singapore

Five Free Things to do in Singapore


Singapore is a city of wonder, filled with a diverse set of people and a plethora of fun things to do. While it is known for being more expensive than most of its Southeast Asian counterparts, there are still a ton of great free things to do in Singapore.

Forget what you’ve been told and get your butt to Singapore and make sure you see these top 5 free things to do in Singapore!

Just… Make sure you remember not to jay-walk! They have laws against those things…

No Jay walking in Singapore



5 Changi Airport Amenities


Ok, I know this one sounds a bit funny but hear me out.

If you were to take an art exhibit, throw in a couple gardens, a splash of modern interior decorating and a pool, that is what you get when you arrive at the Singapore Changi Airport.

This modern wonder is consistently rated among the top airports in the world. If you have a few hour layover, check out the different gardens, free wifi, TV lounges or even massage chairs. If you are lucky enough to have a 5+ hour layover, you can even book a free city tour!

Do it… that’s all I have to say about that!



4. Sri Mariamman Temple


Number 4 on the list of free things to do in Singapore is the Sri Mariamman Temple, the oldest Hindu temple in Singapore. Funny enough, it’s located in China town, a great neighborhood to see and explore in and of itself. The massive tower that you can see from a distance is filled with colorful statues of different Hindu icons.

Remember, it is an active religious building so treat it accordingly when visiting.



3. Arab Quarter/Little India


Visiting the Arab Quarter is one of the free things to do in Singapore


Shopping and color, those are the two things I think of when these two neighborhoods.

Little India is full of great food, temples and a plethora of cheap shopping. The Arab quarter is full of vibrantly colored shopping for everyone. From scarves to tailors to dresses and more, these neighborhoods are about a 10 minute walk from each other and really exemplify the multi-cultural vibe of this city.

By the way, if you were wondering… Singapore has 4 official languages! English, Mandarin, Malay and Tamil. Communication issues will not be a problem in this modern city!



2 Singapore Botanic Garden


Singapore botanical gardens is one o the free things to do in Singapore

A 183-acre oasis of beauty and history.

There are 6 official different gardens within the complex, all are unique and breath taking!
I suggest you take a walk through the progression of vegetation through the millennia in the Evolution Garden, my favorite part.

Well, really, they are all pretty epic, the Orchid Garden is my favorite too…

Singapore botanical gardens is one of the free things to do in Singapore


And… coming in at the Number 1 Free Thing to do in Singapore



1. Marina Bay Sands Laser Light Show


watching a laser show is one of the free things to do in Singapore


Hands down the best laser light show I’ve seen, the Wonder Full show at the Marina Bay Sands is a 13 minute show filled with action, emotions and beauty.

Open seating air seating is first come, first served so make sure you’re early for the best seats, although it’s hard to imagine a bad seat for this gorgeous event that heightens most of your senses. It has a great musical score with inspiring but fun pictures displayed on water through the lasers.

The show is appropriate and enjoyed by all ages so come solo, before clubbing, with your family or on a date.


That concludes the list of the Top 5 Free Things to Do in Singapore!



We are pleased to announce that this article on the top five free things to do in Singapore is a guest post from Adrian from Adrian’s Travel Tales.
After moving to Cambodia at 27 and with 15 countries under her belt, you could say she is now an expert on South East Asia! Read more about her adventures here!

Ask any questions in the comment section below!




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