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Free things to do in Vancouver

five free things to do in Vancouver

Five free things to do in Vancouver


Vancouver with its stunning snowcapped mountains, beautiful sandy beaches and delicious food options is sure to make you fall in love with the city.

However, Vancouver has earned a reputation for being an expensive city. If you look in the right place, there is plenty to see and do in the city for free.

Here are the top 5 free things to do in Vancouver:



5. Chinatown


visiting Chinatown is one of the free things to do in Vancouver


Wander the streets of Vancouver’s Chinatown and explore a bit of the city’s history. Once home to a large population of Chinese immigrants, Chinatown today is a shadow of its former self.

Regardless, exploring the neighbourhood is an interesting outing. Be sure to walk through the orate Millennium Gate which symbolizes Chinatown’s “Journey Through Time” and uses elements of Eastern and Western symbols in its design. The world’s narrowest commercial building, the Sam Kee Building, can be found on Pender St. It’s shockingly only six feet wide!

Finally, wander through the Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Park to enjoy a tranquil Chinese garden (not to be confused with the nearby Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Garden which has an admission fee).



4. Celebrity Hunting


Known as Hollywood North, Vancouver at any given time is home to numerous TV and movie productions. With numerous websites dedicated to the subject you can watch production come to life and maybe rub shoulders with some of Hollywood’s elite.

TV favourites like Once Upon a Time and Supernatural can be counted upon to be shooting in Steveston and downtown Vancouver respectively, but check websites for the most up to date information.



3. Lynn Canyon Park and Suspension Bridge



Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge is one of the free things to do in Vancouver


Instead of heading to the famous Capilano Suspension Bridge, visit its lesser known cousin and free attraction, Lynn Canyon Park and Suspension Bridge.

Hike the surrounding trails, take a dip in its numerous swimming holes or enjoy a picnic in the woods. The bridge, built in 1912, looms 50 meters above the canyon, and offers great views of either side of the canyon. In the summers, the park is filled to the brim with locals and travelers alike so be sure to go early!



2. Granville Island


Hidden beneath a bridge just outside of downtown Vancouver lies Granville Island full ofquirky shops, entertainment, delicious foods and great artists.

Check out the Granville Island Public Market and see what the catch of the day is. Watch the many musicians, magicians and other street entertainers that vie for your eyes.

Wander through the numerous artist studios that are on the island. Lastly, be sure to check out of the great view of the downtown core along the waters of Granville Island.



1. Stanley Park


Stanley Park, Vancouver
Stanley Park, Vancouver by InSapphoWeTrust, is licensed under CC by SA2.0


Larger than Central Park in New York City, Stanley Park is the crown of Vancouver and was recently named the top park in the world by Tripadvisor.
Enjoy a stroll along the famous seawall. This 9km walkway around the park is the best way to enjoy everything that Vancouver offers. Within the park there are many viewpoints and things to do. Check out the totem poles at Prospect Point.
Enjoy the view of the North Shore Mountains and explore a nearby lighthouse at Brockton Point. Take a stroll around Beaver Lake and see if you can spot its namesake.
In the summer, there are plenty of beaches as well. Head to Third Beach for stunning sunset views.


What are some of your favourite free things to do in Vancouver?




Adelina is a recovering expat turned part time traveler. She has lived abroad in the Netherlands and Hungary and currently calls Vancouver home. She loves telling stories, going on adventures, and eating her way around the world. You can often find her behind the camera lens or out exploring new places. Follow along as she decides her next adventure on her blog and connect with her on Twitter and Facebook




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